Patient Testimonials

Ralph S

This all came about by a letter in the mail offering a 30-day trial. Thanks to my wife (hounding) I made an appointment, tried them for 30 days, purchased them, and have enjoyed life more. I have worn hearing aids for the past 25 years and the pair I have now are by far the best I have ever had in my life. Nothing replaces normal hearing but these have come pretty close for me.

Ralph S. (Columbus, OH)
Lesley L

When you put the hearing instruments in my ears, I was shocked! It was so different from what I had experienced before. I could hear so much more clearly. That day, I wore them to the Chinese Restaurant for a social get together and I could hear the waitress extremely well. And the background noises, other patrons, were not disturbing to me. It was a very pleasant experience.

Lesley L. (Hillsboro, OH)