man cutting wood wearing over-the-head ear protection

When Do You Need Hearing Protection?

You will understand the need to protect your hearing, but the question is this: When do you need to wear hearing protection? Not every sound will damage your ear, but prolonged exposure to particularly loud noises will. Sudden exposure to one very loud sound, such as a firecracker, can also cause damage to your hearing.  […]

hearing specialist repairing broken pair of hearing devices

Troubleshooting a Hearing Aid with No Sound

Hearing aids are an essential device for many to improve their quality of life and allow them to experience normality, even after experiencing hearing loss. However, like any device, they are not infallible. While hearing aids will work perfectly more often than not, there will be occasions where they do not work the way they […]

a blue hearing aid held in a hand

What are the Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

If there is one thing that has dramatically changed in the last decade, it’s hearing aid technology. As with everything in the tech world, there have been developments and changes that are life-changing for most of us. Hearing aids are no longer the trumpets we hold to our ears or the clunky devices that weigh […]

4 Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aids

4 Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are going to ensure that your hearing is enhanced. The best hearing aids out there, as advised by your hearing health professional, are those that will give your hearing some support, but they can only give you support if you are caring for them properly. It’s not often that it happens, but […]

Are Hearing Aid Fittings Important?

When it comes to getting a hearing aid, you may have heard that you will need to attend a hearing aid fitting. Perhaps this is something you have got coming up soon and you are wondering whether you even need to attend? Are hearing aid fittings really that important? The short answer to this question […]

a hearing loss patient is having new hearing aids fitted

What Happens During a Hearing Aid Fitting?

For a hearing aid fitting to be successful, some standard procedures and processes are carried out for optimum results. It is more than your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) trying out the correct device to suit your ear. It is useful to know what to expect when you visit your HIS, for examinations, sound checks and […]

a behind the ear hearing aid held in a hand

Are BTE Hearing Aids Right for You?

With so many types of hearing aid in the modern world, how can you be sure you are using the right one? As we will see in this article, there are many things that you need to consider as you try to choose a hearing aid. But the primary thing to note is that you […]

a hearing specialist repairing a hearing device

Top Signs You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids can be lifesavers in so many ways. They are marvelous inventions that improve the well-being of so many over the world. If you’ve ever dealt with hearing loss and have used a hearing device before, then you’ll know all about the positive impact they can have.  With that said, however, they’re not without […]

a man with hearing loss in an ear exam

How Does Hearing Loss Impact Quality of Life?

Coping with hearing loss requires making adjustments that make everyday life a bit more complicated. Here are some alarming facts about the condition: About 466 million people experience hearing loss About one billion young people exposed to loud noises risk experiencing hearing loss 60% of cases of hearing loss in children are preventable People experiencing […]

a hazel eyed woman touching her ear

4 Signs You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often occurs gradually, which means you may not realize that your hearing function has diminished straight away. However, there are common signs and symptoms that can be an indicator of hearing loss. If you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing a problem with your hearing, it’s always advisable to consult a hearing health professional. In […]