musicians putting on a small concert

What Kind of Hearing Protection Do You Need for Concerts?

Anyone who regularly attends music concerts, whether as a fan, member of staff, should consider their hearing health. Regularly being exposed to loud music can cause permanent damage to your hearing, and even just one instance of very loud noise could lead to issues. Your ears are very sensitive and can be affected by music […]

hearing aid in hand

How to Prevent Hearing Aid Moisture Damage

Hearing aids are a great piece of technology. They will allow you to hear effectively if your hearing has changed. With hearing aids, you can guarantee that you can hear in a wide range of different circumstances from crowded rooms to loud areas. When you are using hearing aids, it’s important to understand that they […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

What You Need to Know About Tinnitus

A person experiencing tinnitus may hear ringing in the ears. It can also be clicking, whistling or hissing sounds. The U.S CDC estimates that about 15% of the US population experience tinnitus-which is approximately 50 million Americans. Tinnitus can be caused by underlying issues such as an ear injury, issues with the circulatory system or age. […]

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Can Hearing Loss be Prevented?

Hearing loss affects over 70% of people over the age of 70 in the US. The hearing loss that occurs in age affects the tiny hairs inside the ears, and they start to die off. Of course, this doesn’t just happen in age, and it occurs with loud noises, too. One of the biggest questions […]

bte hearing aid device being sold at a hearing clinic

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

If you’ve never worn a hearing aid before, it can be hard to fathom how you’ll adjust. Most of us understand how hearing aids work in theory, but not in practice. It becomes more perplexing when they are set to become a part of our lives.   If you are about to start wearing a hearing […]

hearing specialist performing hearing evaluation on her patient

3 Different Types of Hearing Tests

Many Americans can experience hearing loss without having it formally diagnosed. Scheduling a routine hearing test with a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) is the first step in figuring out whether you have hearing loss. Then you can be set on a path of care with the necessary healthcare professionals.  Types Of Hearing Tests There are […]

older gentleman who is hard of hearing

Where Can You Find the Best HIS?

A hearing instrument specialist (HIS) is one of the most important professionals to partner with to look after your hearing and find a solution to your hearing loss. These hearing care providers are state-licensed professionals who are highly trained to recognize, diagnose, evaluate and resolve problems related to hearing loss. They will always try to […]

side angle image of hearing specialist testing hearing of patient

How to Understand the Results of Your Recent Hearing Test

When visiting your local hearing instrument specialist (HIS), there’s a high chance you’ll need to take a hearing test if you’ve been dealing with hearing or struggling with it for some time. While there are multiple types of tests that the patient can take, most test results will end up in the form of an audiogram. […]

hearing instrument specialist repairing patient's broken hearing devices

What Do You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Care?

Proper care, maintenance, and cleaning of your hearing aid will make sure that it works as intended and will prevent you from having to go back to your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) for repeated repairs. Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and types. Every model has three areas that require routine maintenance.  The shell […]