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Welcome to Earzlink of Central and Southwest Ohio

We believe Hearing Care should be a regular part of your overall healthcare, and you should fully understand your present hearing condition so you may discover your true hearing potential. We want you to truly experience hearing beyond your expectations. If you or a loved one has difficulty understanding what others are saying, we can help you find out if you have a correctable hearing loss.

Earzlink Group
Our team is made up of Hearing Specialists, Audiologist and Support Specialists!
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Fully Understand Your Hearing

At Earzlink, we help you understand your present hearing by performing a complimentary comprehensive hearing evaluation. We then share our findings, helping you to realize the impact your present hearing has on everyday life.

Discover Your Hearing Potential

If it has been determined that hearing loss exists, we will help you understand its effects on your daily life and allow you to discover your hearing potential by listening to restored sound, personalized to your unique sound preferences.

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Our Benefit Program

The Earzink Benefit Program is designed to enhance your insurance benefits and assist those without. To help you receive the best value in hearing care – we are in network with virtually all major insurance programs

We also offer:

  • Risk-Free 30-day Trial
  • Free Hearing Evaluations
  • In-Office Repairs
Did You Know?
360 Million people worldwide have hearing loss
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One-third of people over 65 years of age are affected by hearing loss
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hearing loss can affect one ear or both ears
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people with hearing loss wait far too long. Don't wait to contact us.
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90% of Americans who have tinnitus also have hearing loss
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reports of depression are higher in US adults with hearing loss, at 11.4%
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We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

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If you find that listening to restored sound is beneficial, our risk-free trial program will enable you to enjoy a whole new world of sound, in your car, your home, and throughout your community, where life happens.