4 Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aids

4 Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are going to ensure that your hearing is enhanced. The best hearing aids out there, as advised by your hearing health professional, are those that will give your hearing some support, but they can only give you support if you are caring for them properly. It’s not often that it happens, but your hearing aids can malfunction, and when they do, you need to know how to care for them. If you don’t ask your hearing health professional how to do it, you’re going to find that you’re waiting for weeks for them to be repaired or replaced. Prevention is always better than replacement, so make sure that you are caring for your hearing aids the best way that you can, and you’ll find it easier to continue to support your hearing.

Avoid all moisture

Hearing aids are not supposed to get wet – your hearing health professional will tell you that! There is some delicate circuitry inside your hearing aids, and that tiny shell houses sophistication beyond words. If it becomes exposed to moisture, the damage can be severe enough that they may not be able to repair them. Hearing aids are being created to be water-resistant, but we’re not all the way there yet, so you need to ensure that they stay away from water at all times. Don’t use dryers to dry any hearing aids that have been exposed to wet weather, either, as these will damage the device just as much.

Change the batteries

Your hearing aid batteries aren’t designed to last forever. You need to remember to take the battery out if you won’t be using the hearing aids for a few days, you need to remove them from the device. Leaving the door open to your device when it’s not being used will ensure that you keep it aired out with no trapped moisture. When you do change the batteries, clean the battery contacts you’ll find in your device. A dry cotton swab can be used for this, as a dirty device will lower its effectiveness.

Remove earwax

There’s nothing to be ashamed of here; we all get wax in our ears. It’s their natural cleaner, and earwax is one of the biggest causes for a decreased performance of your hearing aids. Taking the time to clean them frequently and avoid any more debris interrupting the device. You should also clean both the receiver and the microphone of any debris too.

Handle with care

Whenever you are handling your hearing aids, be gentle with soft hands. Heavy-handedness can cause your hearing aids to be incorrectly touched, and they can break easily. Hearing aids may be more durable than they used to be, but they should still be handled delicately and with as much care as possible. Always use a soft towel to rest them on when they’re not being used, and keep them away from children and animals.

Your hearing aids require good care to stay working well – don’t forget to care for them properly!